Fruit Slots Pokie

Slot machine, slot, one-armed badit, pokie; they all refer to the same thing. Essentially a machine with wheels that turn to produce lines of matching symbols and give out money. The traditional ones, that are the early ones that used to be found in long rows in real land casinos, often featured fruits as their symbols, together with bar symbols and sevens. Well, Fruit Slots is perhaps one of those pokies that is very much like these traditional pokies, and as such will go down very well with all the nostalgic players.

Fruit Slots therefore falls under the category of the classical pokies produced by Microgaming. You won’t be dealing with too many settings or complicated rounds, but rather just enjoy playing in a very traditional manner. In fact the only settings that you can change is the amount of coins bet per spin, which reaches a maximum of three, and the coin value which can only be set at two different levels. Then keep your fingers crossed and just press spin.

Hopefully, while the three reels turn, matching symbols will line up on the only active payline found on the middle of the screen. The symbols for Fruit Slots are of course a mix of different fruits together with the classical bar symbols having different rows. How much each of these gives in payout can be seen on the paytable displayed on the right hand side of the pokie.


The least paid fruits are the cherries, although these can be also helpful when just two appear on the active payline. The same thing is observed with the mostly paid symbol, that is the fruit mixture symbol. This symbol will give profit even when just one or two show up on the middle line. Moreover, this is the most valuable symbol as it gives out the highest wins. Indeed, if you’re playing with three coins you will earn 2, 500 credits whenever three such symbols are lined up on your payline.

The bar symbols are the second mostly paid symbols after the fruit mix, with the bar having three rows being more valuable than the one with just one row. We are pretty sure that all those of you that are not new to pokies know what we’re talking about. Nevertheless trying a few of free spins over here won’t do any harm. This is even more the case if you are a beginner and have just started to experience pokies.

So in summary, Fruit Slots can be described as being a simple classical colourful pokie. Even the sounds used are exactly the same as the ones we used to hear coming out from the traditional real pokies. Check it out and see what you think.