Frost Bite Pokie

Frostbite must not be a common occurrence for us since we are blessed with lovely weather. However, in colder areas, this is a not so pleasant condition often caused by extreme cold. And extreme cold is what the pokie Frost Bite from Microgaming is all about. However, don’t you worry, because nothing bad is going to happen to you. On the contrary, you might even make a really nice win that would give you the possibility to do things that haven’t been possible so far.

Actually, considering that Frost Bite is inspired by a theme which in our opinion is a little bit depressing (because we are big fans of sunny and warm weather probably), the producers managed to come up with a cute and funny pokie. The protagonist of Frost Bite looks like a hybrid between an elf and a cat, smiling from ear to ear. Make friends with this pal, and he’ll be more than welcome to share the riches hidden behind this pokie with you.

Short review

Apart from the particular theme, and the blue and white colouration, Frost Bite is pretty much a simple classical pokie. No complicated bonus rounds are involved, and after a few free spins over here you’ll realise how straightforward it is. However, right now, just keep on reading to get some more information about it. We’ll start off by saying that Frost Bite consists of three reels and just one active payline. You can choose to bet one or two coins per spin, and the coin value can be set at five different levels, with 0. 25 being the smallest and 5. 00 being the highest.

Symbols features

The symbols used are frozen bar symbols, snow flakes that act like the traditional cherries, the elf cat and the Frost Bite logo. The bar symbols, although frozen, function in the same way as they do in all the other traditional pokies, whereas since the snow flake is equivalent to the cherries it will give payout even when just one or two of them appear on middle payline. However, these are certainly not the most important symbols.

In fact the most valuable symbol is the Frost Bite logo. This is the wild symbol for Frost Bite and it will replace other symbols to make up winning combinations. One logo on the payline doubles the profit, whereas two of these will multiply your winning by four. Moreover, when you play with two coins and get a trio of the Frost Bite logo on the active payline, you will earn 1, 600 credits.

All this money and more can be won even without doing anything. Let us explain how. If you click on the Expert button situated on the lower right hand corner below the reels, you will get some extra buttons on your display. Use these buttons to decide how many spins you want to play, click on the spin button and then just let the reels spin. All you have to do then is to sit back and cheer every time you earn something.

Again, Frost Bite is perhaps not an ideal pokie for all those players that are into advanced rounds and features, but rather it suits those that are happy with a simple way of spending some time and making some good money at the same time. Try it over here. It’s free so you’ve got nothing to lose really.