Fantastic 7s Pokie

It is now time again for yet another pokie from Microgaming that will greatly appeal to all the nostalgics that long for the good old pokie. The name itself is already a clear allusion to these types of pokies, wherein the seven symbol was a typical symbol found in every one of these traditional pokies that were found in real casinos. In fact, it is not the first time that Microgaming used this symbol as the protagonis of a pokie. One of the first pokies we discussed was 7 Oceans, which again is a classical pokie from this same producer.

Pokie description

As soon as you start Fantastic 7s you’ll get further confirmation that this is a classical pokie. It is a three reel pokie with a single activated payline in the middle of the screen that stretches from left to right. As such your target here is to aline three of the same symbol on this line. The symbols are nothing but the traditional seven symbols, of which there are two different ones, the bars with different rows and the cherries.

All of these symbols function as they normally do. This means that the cherries give payout even when just one or two show up on the payline, and the bar symbols will give you profit even when ones with different rows line up on the middle line.

As already said, there are two sevens, a red one and a colourful one. The latter is the one that gives the highest profit that amounts to a maximum of 2, 500 coins.

You can aim for this maximum by playing for three coins simultaneously, although you can also play for one or two coins. The values of these coins can be set at three different levels. Try the different settings over here to see how each of these will affect the cost and profits of each spin. Over here, it is free so you can take your time with experimenting with these settings.

Fantastic 7s is perhaps one of the simplest pokies we’ve encountered so far. It does not have any integrated bonus rounds, free spins or wild symbols. It is maybe ideal for the very beginners that have never played before and would like to start with something very simple. Other more experienced players maybe should check out the other pokies we offer.