Fairy Ring Pokie

Fairies are mythical creatures that often are said to have the form of a human but with magical powers. Mythological creatures have inspired other pokies like for instance Trolls by Net Entertainment. Now it’s time for Microgaming to give us a pokie with such a theme. Fairy Ring is all about fairies, butterflies and magic. In general, fairies are associated with good things, and when playing Fairy Ring you should expect nothing but good fortune. Nice profits can come your way.

Technically speaking, Fairy Ring can be considered as a classical pokie with its three reels and one active payline running in the middle of the display. The symbols are also very traditional including the bar symbols with different rows. When the bars line up, the payout given varies according to how many rows they have. Also bars with different amount of rows lined up on the payline give out payout.

Other symbols

Besides these, there are also some different symbols like butterflies, mushrooms and fairies. The value of these can be seen on the right hand side of your display. The fairy, of course, is the most important symbol as it is the one that pays off most. If you aline three fairies on the middle line you can get up to 3, 000 credits. This amount can be won when playing for three coins. However, you also have the possibility to play for one or two coins. You can also adjust the coin value in five different levels in order to adjust the cost of each spin.

Fairy symbol

The fairy is also important because it is a wild symbol. As such it acts as a joker by substituting the other symbols to produce a winning combination. So if you manage to get two fairies on the active payline, together with another symbol, a winning is guaranteed. The amount won is the same as that shown for the other symbol which is displayed together with the wild.
One last thing which can be adjusted is the AutoSpin function. The Expert button on the lower left corner of the pokie will give you the possibility to decide to play a certain amount of spins automatically, that is without having to click the spin button all the time. Then all you have to do is to prepare your favourite drink, sit back and relax.

Fairy Ring is the ideal pokie for all those of you that are looking for a simple pokie that will give you some easy time to make profits, maybe even with some magical touches. Those who prefer more advanced pokies with integrated bonus rounds should try to find something else because this one will definitely not satisfy your needs.